Anne Morrison Ceramics - Ceramics and Sculpture
During April 2016 I have work on show at the Maclaurin Gallery in Rozelle Park in Ayr with the Glasgow Society of Women Artists. 
A great venue in a beautiful park setting.

a large handbuilt crackle pot 20" tall and a new red coloured round pot with lovely knobbly wood round the rim

Three new sculptures with lots of found objects. 
'Remembering Catterline' with items collected from the shore there, 'Dream World' and
'Winter Dreaming' - memories of a another winter walk along the shore at Kilcreggan

The  Smithy Gallery, Blanefield near Glasgow summer 2016

lovely loops of wood inspired this new shape of pot
and a winter walk along the shore at Portkil, Kilcreggan
on the Firth of Clyde led to this little sculpture

Strathearn Gallery Creiff
some of my pieces that were on show for a very successful exhibition 

Harvest Moon
ceramic and found metal with ceramic leaves



Love Potion

round 'pod' crackle pot


Blue smoked jug

Echoes of the Cleared (from Scotland)

Reliquary for Ellen (my greatgrandmother)

Red smoked squat pot         Rocking Crackle pot with twisted wood

pink pot with wiggly wood

Winter Walk
recalling a beach-combing walk at Kilcreggan on the firth of Clyde 


   'Enfolding' and 'Twist'  organic ceramic on driftwood sculptures

and a lot more to enjoy at the Strathearn Galley in Crieff.

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